Andrew Hostick originally became interested in creating art while in high school.  Andrew joined the Visionaries + Voices Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio in 2010. Since then, he has developed his focused studio practice. When not creating art, Andrew enjoys tennis and his job at Kroger. Andrew is currently enrolled in V+V’s Teaching Artist Program, after graduation he will lead community and classroom based lessons based on his own work.


In a paradoxical world of access and inaccessibility, Andrew Hostick works from observation to appropriate and paraphrase advertisements from various art magazines. Endorsements in Art in America or Artforum unfettered by content allow Andrew to focus on the image’s organization of objects and hue, allowing him to, via emulation, practice sophisticated use of composition and color theory. Choosing to work only with colored pencil on mat board, heavy-handed mark making inscribes the surface and builds up a velvety sheen. He works and reworks the entire surface (even white on white) with nonpareil intensity. The resulting pieces are a beautiful collapse of primitive and contemporary sensibilities, as the appropriated qualities have operated to create a new and different piece. Being a marginalized and self-taught artist, this ironic conceptual twist comments directly on Andrew’s access and inaccessibility to the Art World. 


Exhibition Highlights: The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY, The Carnegie, Covington, KY, EXPO Chicago 2015, and the Outsider Art Fair New York 2016.

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