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Artist statement:

"I remember being at a stop light on a rainy day, looking over and seeing a forlorn, bent basketball hoop on a playground and listening to a reading of Samuel Beckett on the car radio. "You're on earth. There's no cure for that" intoned the narrator. That really exploded for me, clicked right into tune with my obsession with basketball hoops in their many incarnations, loaded with implications.

I've been photographing and sketching them for years, in various locations, with the intention of doing a series of paintings someday.

So I finally got to it. Working with my own photos, submissions from friends, and photos from other media and the internet. Pairing the painted images with texts, looking for surprises and revelations in the combinations.

For me, the hoops are visually startling, and poignant with meaning. They're solitary figures on playgrounds, garages, at the edge of fields, somehow transmitting a personality and a history. All that energy and effort that has been put up and in and off the rim. And behind every shot a person: with hopes, dreams, expectations and fears. The ball delivers the marks to the backboards. The weather takes the nets away. The players are gone but the hoops stand sentinel but not silent....I hear them singing their stories."

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