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Marrying control and accident, calculation and intuition, Laurie Reid holds opposites together in exquisite tension in her minimalist, abstract paintings. She is particularly known for her conceptual approach to watercolor, exploring its range from opacity to translucency, and using its delicacy to reveal the process by which an image comes into being. Many of her works appear unfinished—her canvases are loosely stretched; the edges of her paper curl; her brushstrokes seem poised on the edge of resolution. Such qualities highlight the act of painting itself, which Reid sees as an interaction between the artist and the world: “I see painting as a place where water, atmosphere, gravity, paper and pigments intersect and interact with each other and the artist in a way that…manifests some of the singular properties and the simple mysteries of the world we live in.”


Laurie Reid’s work is an exploration of the coming together of the intellect with the psychological and physical worlds she inhabits. Her explorations are open-ended and intentionally inconclusive. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and has recently collaborated with Chris Johanson and Barry McGee at City College Art Gallery, Mitzi Pederson and Alexander Wolff at El Al Gallery and with Benjamin Echeverria at the Eddie Rhodes Gallery.


Reid’s work is included in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, NY, The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, The National Gallery, DC, The Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles, The San Francisco Museum of Art and The Philadelphia Museum of Art, among others.


Reid was included in the 2000 Whitney Biennial and was a SECA awardee in 1999.


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