This is actually the first “artist statement” I have attempted, so bear with me. My hesitation in writing about my work stems from my fear that I will sound dumb, or worse, pretentious. I was having a conversation with a friend not long ago and the topic came up. I asked him what he thought of artist’s statements, and he said he liked them because they helped him understand what the artist was thinking. I told him that most of the ones I’ve read I thought were hogwash. He said, “No, no, they nudged me in the right direction, so to speak.” Well, because of my friend’s enthusiasm, I will attempt to open the proverbial can-of-worms.

I have an affinity for images. Some artists shy away from images because of the baggage they tote, but not me, man, I take that baggage and go for a ride. Sometimes I have a vague idea where the trip is going and sometimes I don’t have a clue. But I know somehow it’s a trip I want to take. Of course, I invite the viewer along, but hopefully, because of their own personal interpretation, it’s a whole different voyage. I like how different images play off of one another; perhaps changing their meaning or enhancing their meaning. I would like to think I choose images that radiate meaning from them. In other words, images that don’t necessarily have one specific meaning, but could (hopefully) have multiple meanings. I have a saying that an illustration can be art, but art should never be an illustration. That’s a one-liner and I don’t like one-liners.

So, if you are looking for me to tell you what a painting means, I’ll just give you a “nudge”. You do the rest. Why the diversity? Either I’m easily bored or I like surprises. I can’t decide. One thing is do know is that it sort of bothers me that I know what some artists’ pieces look like before I see the actual work. I admit that I’m jaded, so I take my art-making to the extreme. I’m blessed with art dealers that trust me enough to let me do-my-thing even though they are not sure what that thing may be.

To start, I cull my images from the thousands of drawings I have done in the past. I choose them for a variety of reasons- their pathos, humor, tension, or esthetics. The best have all four. I invite the viewer to take in one picture at a time, but remembering the one they saw before. One last thing I would like the viewer to know: I worked on these pictures with cocky abandon and always with sincerity.

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