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Lisa Beck, Breaking Out, 2020
Lisa Beck, Mars Black, 2020
Andrea Belag, Fold, 2020
Andrea Belag, Birdwatcher, 2020
Lisa Corinne Davis, Miraculous Measure, 2020
Pam Glick, Joined Yellow and Green, Niagra-USA-Canada, 2020
Pam Glick, Joined Pink and Purple, 2020
Emily Kiacz, Sun Pool, 2020
Emily Kiacz, Imagined Center, 2020
Julian Kreimer, Enrique, 2020
Julian Kreimer, Rita, 2020
Kevin Larmon, 2020A (Black), 2020
Kevin Larmon, 2020F (Blue), 2020
Lucy Mink-Covello, Headphones, 2020
Lucy Mink-Covello, Lovers Never Lose, 2020
Laura Newman, Wishbone, 2020
Laura Newman, Portal, 2020
Margaux Ogden, April 3, 2020, 2020
Margaux Ogden, April 30, 2020, 2020
Jason Stopa, Study for Garden Arch, 2020
The Pursuit of Aesthetics, Jason Stopa, Study for Washed Out Stage with Pin Window, 2020
Adrienne Elise Tarver, Untitled, 2020
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