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Artist statement: "When I started making photograms the propelling thought was to organize, or maybe even substantiate the chaos in my life. I brought into the darkroom objects that cluttered my rooms, drawers, and floors. It grew into an activity of searching for and collecting objects specifically for my work. Occasionally the chosen objects expose private narratives , specific landscapes or traces of time. The process of surrounding the pieces with light laces together things that are either necessary or disposable. The magic of making photograms, the way the light transforms and records these disparate parts into a beautiful form continues to surprise me. At times I can identify each part and its function; at other times I see only the fluid lines of their connections."


Wendy Small lives and works in Brooklyn NY. She received a degree in painting from the School of Visual Arts, and a BSN from New York University. She was assistant to the painter Terry Winters for 10 years and since then has worked as the nurse at Grace Church School. In 2002 she began working exclusively with the photogram process. Her photograms have been shown in galleries throughout NY and the United States, most recently Sears Peyton, Morgan Lehman and Von Lintel Gallery. She has enjoyed two summers at the Vermont Studio Center Residency and has participated in Aipad, Nada, Pulse and Photo LA. art fairs. Her work is in both private and public collections. She is married to Joe Peppe a furniture maker, and has two children Sofia and Sandro who are also studying art.

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