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Austin Thomas, a New York-based artist with a Master's degree from NYU, has received numerous residencies and fellowships, including prestigious ones at Wave Hill, Guttenberg Arts, and Smack Mellon. Her work, showcased nationally and internationally, has been featured in major publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, Art in America, The Brooklyn Rail, The Paris Review, and Hyperallergic. She has recently held solo exhibitions at Municipal Bonds in San Francisco, CA, and LABSpace in Hillsdale, NY. Thomas's pieces are included in notable collections such as Grinnell College and the New York Presbyterian Hospital. She has contributed to the artistic discourse through her essays in 'Living and Sustaining a Creative Life' and its sequel. Recently, Thomas reignited her passion as a curator and community builder by reopening Pocket Utopia. This artist-run curatorial project underscores her commitment to fostering artistic dialogues and collaborations.


Artist Statement: 

In the heart of the city's ceaseless rhythm, one finds a symphony of shapes within Thomas's work. Spanning intricate works on paper to expansive paintings, her art seeks to harmonize the inherent chaos of urban life with the simple clarity of geometric figures. Each piece is a navigation through the city's pulse, capturing not just architectural geometries but the vibrant energy that animates them. From soaring skylines to the labyrinthine dance of streets below, her art is a collage of perspectives, marrying sunny yellows, sky blues, and the earthy tones of the urban landscape to celebrate the city's diverse beauty.

As a practitioner deeply embedded in the New York scene, Thomas's work is not just an observation but a dialogue—a conversation with the city and its inhabitants. This 'being there' ethos underpins her creations, emphasizing urban life's mutable, multifaceted nature and the critical role of community and dialogue in the artistic exchange. Through her eyes, the city is not just a place but a living canvas, where every corner and every moment holds the potential for inspiration.

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