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Opening Reception | Saturday MARCH 10, 6 - 8pm

Morgan Lehman Gallery is pleased to announce, “It’s Yours: Wars of the Frenglish Revolution and Other Conflicts 1782 - 1797”. This is the first New York solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Frohawk Two Feathers. Two Feathers’ intricate ink and tea-stained portraits on paper bring to life his complex historical narrative detailing the colonial uprisings against the imagined 18th-century superpowers Frengland and Fenoscandia. Using actual historic events as points of departure, Two Feathers creates fantastical riffs on Europe’s colonial past, revealing how that history plays out in the cultural and political complexities and neo-colonial global conflicts of the contemporary world.

For this exhibition Two Feathers focuses on the Company Crocodile, a rebel fighting force comprised of freed slaves, and their battles in the New World, specifically, the present day Caribbean Islands. His ever-evolving cast of subjects includes militia men, warrior princesses, dukes, lords, and American Indian tribesmen that are bedecked in both period garb and the unmistakable jewelry and body art of present day gangsters, hipsters and hip-hop artists. Visually, his portraits contain elements of both the past and present, with overtures to 18th-century French and English portraiture, 19th-century American Folk Art, and contemporary urban culture.

Frohawk Two Feathers was born in 1976 in Chicago, Illinois, and earned his BA at Southern Illinois University in 2000. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Taylor de Cordoba Gallery, Los Angeles, and Stevenson Cape Town, South Africa. His first solo museum exhibition will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado in June 2012. Two Feathers’ work has been reviewed in Art in America, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, among others.

A 40-page color catalog with an essay written by Veronica Roberts accompanies the exhibition.

Frohawk Two Feathers

40-page color catalog with an essay written by Veronica Roberts accompanies the exhibition

$30 unsigned and $50 signed

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