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Christine Brown, Regenesis, 2017

Christine Brown

Regenesis, 2017

Watercolor and Cinese ink on Arches watercolor paper

25.5h x 19.75w in

Feride Demircan, Otharland, 2018

Feride Demircan

Otharland, 2018

Robot carved foam, 3 parts

27h x 27w in, 32h x 32w in, 27h x 27w in

Angel Fosuhene, Untitled 1, 2018

Angel Fosuhene

Untitled 1, 2018

Gouache on paper

30h x 22.5w in

Sarah Schwindt, Nobody, 2017

Sarah Schwindt

Nobody, 2017

Raku fired ceramic mastk

16h x 12w in

Vanessa Nilsson, In the Laboratory, 2018

Vanessa Nilsson

In the Laboratory, 2018

3D computer animation, 00:03:59 runtime

Morgan Lawson, Sand, 2017

Morgan Lawson

Sand, 2017

Ink on paper

12h x 16w in

Sarah Schwindt, Plucking, 2018

Sarah Schwindt

Plucking, 2018

Stop motion animation, 00:03:09 runtime

Linda Steinhardt Majzner, Miracle of Lights, 2017

Linda Steinhardt Majzner

Miracle of Lights, 2017

Acrylic and gel pen on paper

30h x 22w in

Meghan DeMora, Back Together Again, 2018

Meghan DeMora

Back Together Again, 2018

Wood, wax, acrylic, tubing, brass shutoff valves

26h x 14w x 14d in

Mark Filipkowski, Interwined, 2017

Mark Filipkowski

Interwined, 2017

Two color lithographic print

11h x 15w in

Eleanor Louise Anderson, Carnival Entropic, 2018

Eleanor Louise Anderson

Carnival Entropic, 2018

3D computer animation, 00:05:17 runtime

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